Let's hear from the kids!

What do our under 18s have to say about this pandemic? Help them record their answers to the following questions on your smartphone or call 847-354-4163 and leave a voicemail.

For kids under 12:
  •  What do you know about this pandemic?
  •  How have things been different?
  •  What do you wish you could do that you can't?
  •  What are you hoping for?
For kids 12-17:
  •  What's been the hardest part of this?
  •  Tell me the story of something that happened during this pandemic that you will always remember.
  •  What do you wish you could do that you can't?
  •  How do you think this experience will affect the rest of your life?
Please send your recordings in by December 20th, 2020. Thank you!

How it Works

1) Record your answers to the 4 Questions.

Use your smartphone or call 847-354-4163 and leave a voicemail.
  • Record your thoughts, experiences, and stories of what life has been like during this pandemic.
  • These are typically short, 3-7 minutes, but can be longer.
  • Feel free to include other pandemic-related stories that are not covered by the questions.

2) Email the files to me, if you are recording on a smartphone

  • Most files are small enough for email.
  • Longer files can be sent using WeTransfer

If you called in you are all set!


ALL of the files you submit will be in the Transmission Times Archive which will find a permanent home when this is all over.

*By submitting your recording you are giving me permission to keep your recording in the archive, use it on the Transmission Times podcast, and use it if the podcast is broadcast on the radio.

3) Listen to the Transmission Times Podcast

I can't guarantee to use your entries, but I will try my best to get everyone on the podcast at least once.

The podcast is also being broadcast on the radio! It's on WMPG in Portland, Maine, Radio St Pete in St. Petersburg, Florida, KWMR in Point Reyes Station, California, and WFHB in Bloomington, Indiana regularly as well as other stations occasionally. 

Thank you!!

Why Join?

Let's collect as many stories as we can from people all over the country so that this archive can be as diverse as this country is, and so that as many voices can be heard on the radio as possible.

Hopefully this process of recording and sharing our experiences and thoughts of this time will help us all get through a little more easily.


And this archive will be a resource for future generations to know what this pandemic was like, not just from the news reports, but from the voices of the people who lived through it.

Who am I?

I'm Katie Semro, independent audio producer living in Southern Maine, with my husband and 2 kids. I was trying to figure out what would help me get through this time and I thought that maybe recording an audio diary would help. And then I though that it would be really amazing to do it on a bigger scale, a kind of collective audio diary. So the idea for an archive was born.

Transmission Times
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