Record your story

All you need to do is record your answers to the questions below on a smartphone and email them to me at, or call 847-354-4163 and leave your answers as a voicemail.

  • What impact has this pandemic had on your life?
  • What role is your art playing for you during this time?
  • What influence is the pandemic having on your art?
  • What are you missing the most?

Please send your recordings in by September 15th. Thank you!

The details

When you record please include the date, where you live, and what kind of artist you are, including your name is optional. The stories will be anonymous on the podcast.

If you are using a smart phone Apps like Voice Memos for iPhone and ARS for android work well. Then email the recording to me at — this can usually be done right from the app.

Typically people record for 3 - 6 minutes, but the recordings can be as long or short as you want. Don’t worry about mistakes I will edit these out, just speak from the heart.

I hope to collect a lot of responses and will fit as many as I can into the podcast, and the podcast episode may be broadcast on the radio. All of the replies will be saved in the Transmission Times Archive to document this time for future generations.

Thank you so much for your help with this project!


You can hear the stories of this time from people from around the world on the Transmission Times Podcast, or on some radio stations around the US.
When the Arts Special is ready it will be available on this podcast feed. I hope you enjoy the show.

Not an Artist? We still want you!

You have a pandemic story too, and I'd love to hear it. Head over here to sign up for our main project collecting stories from people around the world.
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